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About Us: Human mind needs a window for ventilation. Gaanjanala, literally meaning ‘music-window’ is willing to cater that service. Window plays an important role in human psyche. Our ever increasing burden in daily life is packed with duties and obligations that take a heavy toll on our wellbeing. Soul needs some respite and nurturing. The way a plant needs water and sunshine, our soul also needs some fresh air and pampering. A window in the form of hobbies such as gardening, reading or listening to music can take the role of a healer. There is a general belief that music is a devine gift given to mankind from heaven.
From time immemorial music ran hand in hand with human developments. Flutes made of animal’s leg bone were used in old stone age, some 40 thousand years ago. Our subcontinent can boast of having oldest musical traditions as indicated in Vedas. With passage of time music turned its direction and went through changes and finally we are here with plethora of diversified music of eastern and western genera and subgenera.

The Bengalis can be proud of their huge collection of indigenous music namely Baul, Vatiali, Jari Sari, Moromi, Marfati and the like along with area based and theme based music. It is like a gold mine. Most of the popular modern Bangla songs are based on our indigenous materials. We need to reap this gold mine and harvest out of it. Gaanjanala works on that.

In addition, Gaanjanala aims to support the talented young singers in pursuing their career. Not only singers, we help build the career of lyricists, music producers and instrument players. We have a proud history of liberation war along with a good collection of allied music. Gaanjanala creates documentaries and video clips on that topic. In fact Gaanjanala covers any topic related to music be it oriental or western, its history and also basic courses on playing musical different instruments. The organization also pay special tribute to the legendary musicians such as Lucky Akhand and the like who had tremendous contribution in creating new avenues in modern Bengali music. In short Gaanjanala is a musical hub where true music lovers can get whatever they need to quench their thirst and also where aspirant singers and musicians can utilize their full potentials.